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Thank you for visiting the Port Cities Reformed Baptist Church website. We are a committed body of believers who believe in the authority of the Word of God and the Doctrines of Grace.

We seek to worship God in the way that He has commanded in His Word, and desire to grow in His grace and apply His Word in every area of life.

We meet every Lord's Day at 10:00 at the Lewiston Community Center. We welcome you to worship with us.

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What's in a name ... Why Port Cities?
The Port of Lewiston is the most inland seaport on the west coast (465 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean) and is Idaho's only seaport. Neighboring Clarkston, WA also has a seaport (Port of Clarkston), hence the name, Port Cities.






"God has wondrous ways of making men feel that they are but dust, but when nothing else can serve His turn He will sweep whole dynasties away, as men remove an anthill when it has become a nuisance. Yes, He will shake mighty nations, and make “eternal cities,” as they were called, only to stand as the memorials and the wrecks of greatness! The Lord, in all the works of Providence hitherto, if you analyze the pages of history, you will find has been constantly bringing down high looks and making the haughtiness of man to be humbled. Indeed, this seems to be God’s great work! And if any man should say to me, “Whatis God doing?” I would answer, “He is lifting up the lowly and he is casting down the proud! He seems always to be engaged in this, as though it were His natural work and He delighted in it—the taking down of those nests that were built among the stars—and the stooping in the almightiness of His love to pick up the beggar from the mire and set him among the princes, even among the princes of His people.”
-Charles H. Spurgeon
“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
    to whom belong wisdom and might.
    He changes times and seasons;
    he removes kings and sets up kings;
    he gives wisdom to the wise
    and knowledge to those who have understanding..."
-Daniel 4:20-21